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Flexibility frenzy
Last week I spoke about our brand new combination display building; part ‘place to get your head down and get something done’ and part ‘place to store all your tools’.
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Long story
The Shields Buildings story is a long one. After all, we’ve been around for 30 years this month, so we’ve had our fair share of twists and turns.
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Time to plan
For many of us, lockdown was a time to think, to re-calibrate and re-prioritise. We had the time to plan our lives, to decide what we want our homes to be like and how we wanted to spend our time. But as lockdown eased, the busyness of life returned for many of us, and some of those plans got put on the backburner.
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We’ve introduced three ranges for our studios and offices: Standard, Premium and Premium Plus – all with the aim of giving you more choice and helping you to get the garden building that best suits you, at the right price point for you.
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Dubious accomplishment
The sun’s shining this morning, which is rather nice given just how unpleasant the weather has been over the last few weeks. While it hasn’t been the coldest winter, it certainly has been one of the wettest – I’m told that this is the wettest February in years; quite a dubious accomplishment!
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Open Sided Carport - Offer
If it’s raining hard and I’m getting in or out of my car, chances are I’ll end up soaked. I’d hazard a guess that you experience the same phenomenon.
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They're popping up already
My daffodil bulbs have started coming up! Seeing the first few sprouts of new life pop up from beneath the cold soil puts a smile on my face every year.
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Ian's long list
It’s that time of year – the nights have drawn in, the temperature’s dropped, and most of us are more at home in slippers, sitting on the sofa with the curtains drawn, and something good on the TV.
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John's rugby boots
John’s a rugby nut. Always has been, always will be.
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Ready to go
We have just one of our special offer ready to go 'stock' sheds left. Our buildings are bespoke, so you can have any size you require, but we made a few sheds for people who just wanted something quickly and didn't have a specific need for their own exact dimensions.
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