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Looking for a garden building in the South West? Here's what you need to consider.
If you’ve got your eye on a bespoke timber garden building in the South West, whether it’s a summer house, workshop, studio or a simple shed to get things done in, what you’ve probably worked out by now is that there are garden buildings and there are garden buildings.
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Tinted glass windows
There’s only really one thing to talk about this week, and it’s not the leadership campaign! Instead, the inescapable reality of the heatwave.
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Combination Buildings
From our website, you’ll know that we offer three core products:
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Fast and slow
What a weekend!  Millions turned out to celebrate the Jubilee – a fitting occasion to commemorate an extraordinary 70 years on the throne.
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Something for you to watch
I’d like you to watch something, not read.
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Adding value
Okay, I admit it, I’m a Rightmove scroller. Always have been, always will be. Even with no desire to move, I love to have a nose around, find out what’s on sale, have a peek inside houses, and get ideas for interior design.
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How they go up
If you’ve ever wondered how a Shields Building actually goes up, I’ve got good news – a video that shows you exactly that!
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The summerhouse
It was a nice relaxing Easter here in North Tawton - a train ride to Exeter on the Saturday sandwiched with plenty of sitting outside.
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Everything we want
We love what we do: helping people transform their outdoor spaces, solve problems and meet their needs really is fulfilling.
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Timber Garden Building
It certainly seems a distant memory now, but the weekend really was glorious; a welcome reminder of what – touch wood – we have to look forward to this summer.
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