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How is it for you?
I hope all is as well as it can be, and that you’ve settled into some sort of routine in this very strange world we all find ourselves in.
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Not the most normal
What’s going on at the moment really is unprecedented, and unsurprisingly, I’ve had plenty of conversations with people over the last few days about working from home – I guess people are realising why so many people end up using a garden building to lock themselves away!
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Open Saturday
Like most of us, I spend a lot of the winter pining for summer. But now it looks like we’ll be spending the spring doing it too!
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We’ve introduced three levels for our studios and offices: Standard, Premium and Premium Plus – all with the aim of giving you more choice and helping you to get the garden building that best suits you, at the right price point for you.
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I wanted to give you some advice on keeping your building in good shape during all the seasonal weather we’ve been having.
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Dubious accomplishment
The sun’s shining this morning, which is rather nice given just how unpleasant the weather has been over the last few weeks. While it hasn’t been the coldest winter, it certainly has been one of the wettest – I’m told that this is the wettest February in years; quite a dubious accomplishment!
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Open Saturday now 22 February
Due to the arrival of Storm Dennis we postponed the weekends Open Saturday to next weekend instead, Saturday 22 February.
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Open Sided Carport - Offer
If it’s raining hard and I’m getting in or out of my car, chances are I’ll end up soaked. I’d hazard a guess that you experience the same phenomenon.
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Craft 4 Crafters Competition
Did you know that lots of Shields Buildings customers come to us to help them create a place where they can get their hands dirty and use their imagination?
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They're popping up already
My daffodil bulbs have started coming up! Seeing the first few sprouts of new life pop up from beneath the cold soil puts a smile on my face every year.
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