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Bringing Business Home: Designing The Perfect Garden Office For Your Business

Building a Garden Office: Time to Work from Home in Style

Running a business from home? This can be the best and most challenging thing you do. Here’s why now might be the best time to invest in a garden office. 

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Five Reasons To Consider A Garden Building

Want a Bespoke Garden Building? Design Yours Today!

Sheds, workshops, ride-on mower storage and garden offices – a garden building is much more than just a shed.

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Get a garden building in the spring

I glimpsed it

Okay, so the forecast has more than its fair share of canines and felines over the next couple of days, but nevertheless, I’ve got some exciting news to share with you:

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Combination buildings

When you don’t want a studio, shed, garage or workshop…

A lot of our customers don’t want a studio.

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Timber garden buildings that stand the test of time

Where the name was made

Nearly 33 years ago now, Shields Buildings began, from humble beginnings.

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Insulated garden office

The world of work: Considering an Insulated Garden Office?

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Garden Sheds – Why Bespoke Is Best

What’s the Best Garden Shed? Here’s why Bespoke is Best

When it comes to garden sheds, you’ve got two choices –  bespoke or off-the-shelf.

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Why You Need Ride On Mower Storage

Wondering where to store your Ride on Mower? We’ll Create Bespoke Wooden Storage to Suit your Needs

A ride on mower is as convenient as it is efficient. If you’re lucky enough to own or operate one, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

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Timber garden buildings

Get this in while I can

I’m getting this in here while I still can – Happy New Year!

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Christmas opening

Festive mode activated

 It’s fair to say that since we rolled into December, things are getting more than a little festive in the Shields household.

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