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Timber garden buildings that stand the test of time

Where the name was made

Nearly 33 years ago now, Shields Buildings began, from humble beginnings.

The Shields family had been farming the land for generations, and over the time, in addition to being rather good at that, they’d learnt how to create buildings that last.

And as John took a more and more active role in the farming business, what became clear was his passion and aptitude for constructing buildings that stood the test of time.

First it was sheds for the farm itself.  Then for friends and family.  Then, as word spread, Shields Buildings was born.

Over the next three decades, we constructed hundreds of buildings all across the Southwest, delighting many families, and helping to improve numerous outdoor spaces.

In 2024, our range is more expansive – garages, carports, studios, offices, the list goes on.

But the foundation of it all: timber garden buildings that stand the test of time.

Whether you need some extra space for DIY, to spend time on your hobby, to store your garden tools; whatever it is, Shields Buildings has got you covered.

And despite our growth, each building is still handmade here on the farm – with each panel constructed and clad with pressure treated shiplap, with a waterproof membrane behind the cladding, right here in the workshop.

Once built, your building is transported in sections and then constructed on site, which means minimal disruption to you during the construction phase.

And because each building is made from scratch here in North Tawton, you have total flexibility to choose the building the works for you – there’s no one size fits all here at Shields Buildings.

To take a look at one of our timber garden buildings, just click here.

And when you’re ready, get in touch and we’ll start talking about your project.

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