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Bringing business home…

Apologies for bringing it up, but something struck me this week:

The pandemic changed everything.

 I truly believe we’ll look back at modern history, and classify things and events as “Before Covid” and “After Covid” – that’s how impactful it’s been.

You might wonder why I’ve been thinking about that this week, so let me explain:

The number of enquiries for home offices is through the roof.

When the pandemic first hit, people were rushed to make temporary work-from-home arrangements; a back bedroom here, a kitchen table there.

It was a necessity, brought about the circumstances, but there was no suggestion of permanence.

Fast forward to 2024, nearly four years on from the first lockdown, and from our vantage point, it’s clear things have changed forever.

Yes, lots of people are back in the office some of the time, but on the flipside, there are a huge number of people working for at least some of the time at home.

And now the dust has settled, and it’s permanent, they’re looking to make things as comfortable as they can.

If you need space to work from home, whether that’s on your day job, or on your own personal projects, we’d be honoured to help you devise and create that space – just drop us an email or give us a call on 01837 82442 and we’ll get started.

And while I have you, it’s now just a couple of weeks till we unveil our brand new product that will make it incredibly quick and easy for you to have your own garden office:

#1 It’ll require no maintenance

#2 It won’t need planning permission, guaranteed

#3 It will be super simple to order, get installed and start enjoying

We’ll be unveiling it on March 23rd, on a special Open Saturday; if you’re interested, let us know you’re coming, and we’ll add you to the list…

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