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Five Reasons To Consider A Garden Building

Want a Bespoke Garden Building? Design Yours Today!

Sheds, workshops, ride-on mower storage and garden offices – a garden building is much more than just a shed.

Even a shed is much more than a shed!  That’s without even talking about garden summer houses, either. 

At Shields Buildings, our bespoke garden buildings mean you’ve got the scope to create something that fits the bill and will stand the test of time.

Doing your research is so important when you’re thinking about garden buildings. After all, you’ve got your choice of materials, size, and location, and that’s before you discuss the practicalities! 

So, to help in your decision-making process, this blog covers five reasons you should consider a garden building…

Stained timber garden office building

Garden Buildings Solve Storage Problems For Good

One of the most popular reasons for deciding to get a garden building is to solve the age-old storage problem.

Whether it’s because you’ve got young children and the garden furniture (and toys!) have been accumulated at a rate you weren’t quite prepared for. Or you’ve got into gardening and now you need space for your tools.

We believe that your garden is every bit as precious as the inside of your home and we treat it with the same love, care, and attention as you would your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

If tool storage is your aim, a wooden garden shed complete with shelving and bespoke tool storage hooks and locations could be the ticket. 

Or maybe the kids are the focus and that summer house you’ve been discussing for the last couple of years could be top of the agenda for this year.

See the bespoke timber shed we designed for Mr and Mrs Walters


Bespoke Always Beats a Patchwork Approach 

We all ‘make do’ with what we’ve got around the home at times. I’ll get to that later tends to be my approach to DIY but that doesn’t always cut it, does it?

There are only so many times you can lose an important letter before you create a dedicated drawer for important documents and buy a binder! 

So, why would you settle for anything that’s second best in your garden?

If you’re working from home and you’re still stuck in the back bedroom or you’re trying to do calls from a kitchen table amidst the noise of the kids during the school holidays… it might be time to rethink.

Whatever problem you’re trying to solve, the only way you’re ever going to nail it is by going for a bespoke option where you can tailor every element to your needs.

If it’s a crafting room for your small business, a home office in the garden, a tool shed, ride-on mower storage in a downhill garden or, well, pretty much anything, we’re all ears. 

We love working on bespoke projects where we can make a real difference – because we know it solves a problem for good and we know it’ll stand the test of time.

Garden studio office for designer

Silence Is Golden

If peace and quiet is what you need to get on with your craftwork, tinker with the Vespa or conduct an important call, we get you.

Whatever it’s for, we work WITH you to design your perfect space before the team at de Bathe Farm works their magic to build and install it for you.

There’s a big difference in how it’s designed and configured depending on what the purpose of your workshop will be.

As with any outbuilding, you’ve probably got a vague image in your mind of what you’d do with it. But the benefit of designing a purpose-built timber workshop is that you’re not left with more space to clutter up – it’s far more than that.

We can ensure that noise is never a problem by positioning it in the ideal location for you, giving you the privacy to crack on with the important stuff.

And if soundproofing is an issue, we can help you sort that too! 


See the Bespoke Timber Workshop we built for Paul


Summer Is SO Much Better With A Garden Building

The obvious one here is a summer house – which, admittedly, is a magical addition to any garden.

But any garden building makes the summer so much better.

A shed can make it ten times more convenient, a garden office lets you enjoy the best of nature right in front of you, and everything from ride-on mower storage to workshops saves you time, gives you a great place to pop out to, and lets you enjoy the best of summer.

Now, we can’t guarantee the weather to go along with your new bespoke wooden garden building… but don’t worry, the weatherproofing will handle the bad days! 

For those glorious summer evenings, you’ll have the space to enjoy your garden as it should be – a space for you to enjoy. 


Garden Buildings Make Life Easier

In an ideal world and with enough space, multiple garden buildings may just be on the agenda.

Creating a garden that fits your needs down to the ground is easier said than done – whether you’re a Springwatch regular with the patience to create a flourishing vegetable patch or you’re looking for a space to relax. Everyone’s different and there’s no right or wrong answer for what the perfect garden looks like.

But you, in your mind’s eye, have an idea of what YOUR perfect garden looks like.

Convenience combined with style and ease should be the ultimate goal, and that’s exactly where a garden building comes in.

If you’d like more information about garden buildings and how we can help create your ideal space, get in touch with us today…

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