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Looking after your Timber Building

All timber is pretreated and we use quality components to reduce the need for maintenance by you. However, as they are exposed to all the elements, any outdoor building will need a little attention over time. We have detailed a list of the things you may like to consider to ensure that your garden building exceeds it’s 30 year life expectancy.


The pressure-treated (tanalised) timber has chemicals impregnated under high pressure to ensure that the preservatives penetrate deep into the timber to give it a longer life. This is a maintenance free treatment against rot. In addition to this, your building has had 2 coats of Log Cabin water proofer applied to all the walls (unless you have ordered a painted finish) which reduces water penetrating the timber.

In exposed locations, a coat of Log Cabin water proofer on the walls every 2 years is recommended. In other locations, a recoat every 4-5 years is sufficient.

Please note, the Log Cabin water proofer can be painted over with other products if required. While oil based products may be used immediately, water based paints should not be applied for 3–6 months until the building has weathered. The surface should be wiped over first with a cloth dampened with white spirit.

If you wish to paint the external cladding, Sadolin Superdec is a suitable product which is available in a wide range of colours.

To stain the building with a preservative we recommend Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment which is available in a choice of colours.

Treating an existing Shields Building

If you have one of our buildings and you wish to re-treat it please follow the advice above. Painted wood should be prepared in the normal way. If there is a build-up of algae and discolouring on the surface of unpainted wood, apply a coat of Algon patio cleaner before treating the wood. This product will remove the algae in a few weeks, without the need for any scrubbing or other physical work. The wood can then be re-treated with preservative or water proofer. 


All joinery doors used in our offices and studios have been treated with Sikkens Cetol 2 coat system, a micro–porous treatment, using the HLS base coat and Filter 7 top coat. The recommended re-treatment interval for Sikkens products is 4-5 years.


Joinery windows have been treated with a brown preservative and should also be treated every 4-5 years. Sikkens Cetol is ideal for this purpose.

Care should be taken to follow the manufacturer’s instructions of all the above products.


Airflow is important around all parts of your timber building. Do not pile up logs or other materials against the outside walls. Trim back any plants growing near the building and stop grass and soil accumulating against the wood. Any knot holes or other weaknesses in the timber should be sealed with clear silicone sealer.

Rainwater Systems

Gutters are a vital part of protecting the building. Neglect them at your peril!  Be sure to clean out gutters, especially in late autumn. Down pipes may also become blocked and should be checked.


Buildings with plastisol steel roofs require little attention, having a maintenance free life of over 20 to 30 years. If you notice any damage or rust appearing, painting over the affected area will help to its prolong life.

Cedar shingles and slates will need to be inspected for storm damage as necessary, in the same way that you check the roof of your house.

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