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The Base

All timber buildings require a base of some kind. What kind of base that will be depends on how heavy a load it will have to withstand. Here’s what we’d recommend you need, depending on the purpose of your building.



Bases for small buildings

If your small building won’t need to take huge amounts of weight, it’s likely that a timber floor, supported on timber bearers and concrete blocks, will be suitable. If the site is not level, we can level the base up with concrete blocks, once we have seen what is required, on our first site visit.


Larger buildings with timber floors

If your building is larger, but still won’t be expected to withstand a lot of weight, a concrete block base beneath the timber floor, as for small buildings, will be suitable.


Concrete bases

In buildings designed to withstand a heavy load – like garages, workshops and stores – you’ll need a concrete floor instead of timber. One course of bricks will be installed on the concrete for the wall panels and the building will be bolted to the bricks. While we don’t tend to install the concrete base itself, we’ll provide you with the plans and may be able to recommend a trusted local builder to do the job for you.

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