Timber Building Bases and Flooring

All Shields Buildings timber buildings require a base of some kind. If the site is not level it may require some excavating. Always make the site larger than the building to provide airflow around the sides of the building.

Buildings with a Timber Floor

These buildings will require a level site. This may be of earth, stone, concrete or tarmac. Generally, only purpose built concrete pads will be perfectly level.

Larger buildings should have a stone or block base.

Buildings without a Timber Floor

Garages, workshops and stores which need to withstand a heavy load do not have a timber floor and will be bolted to a concrete base. These buildings will require a level concrete pad.

For buildings such as Timber Frame Carports and Garages with Powered roller doors please ask for information.

Do not overlook the need for both roof water and surface water drainage. The common solution for this is to provide soak-aways.

If you are doing your own base then please request a base plan from us before starting your base.

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