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The Roof

There are several different materials and accessories to choose between. Base your choice on the pitch of your roof and the look you’re longing for.


Plastisol steel sheeting

It’s our standard for apex or pent roofs and comes in anthracite, grey or green. We use box profile on larger buildings and the traditional corrugated profile on smaller buildings.


Synthetic slate tiles

Get the slate look with these lightweight alternatives that can be installed on roofs as low as a 14-degree pitch. They’re textured and shaped like natural slate, but with a much lower price tag. Available in 6 super colours off the shelf.


Natural slate tiles

Both our Brazilian and Spanish slate options are a thing of beauty. The Brazilian slate is coarse and rustic grey-green, while the Spanish version has a smoother, darker finish. Your building will need to be strong enough to take the weight of a slate roof, so we take this into account with the design.


Cedar shingles

The natural oil in the cedar will cause these shingles to soften and blend in with your garden over a long lifespan of at least 25 years. They work on any building with a roof pitch between 20 and 30 degrees.


Felt shingles

Durable and waterproof, felt shingles come in terracotta and slate grey to make your roof looks like it’s been tiled. It’s a softer look that will grace any garden.


Roof lights for garages and sheds

If you don’t want windows, chances are these translucent GRP lights are for you. Available in box or corrugated profile, they can go into plastisol apex roof buildings. The standard size is 1m x 1m and they’re lined on the underside with a clear sheet of 4mm Perspex to help reduce condensation.

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