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The Windows and the Doors

Whatever sort of building you’re creating, we have a huge range of flexible options for the windows and doors. We’ll talk specifications during your consultation but, for now, these are the sorts of things you can expect.


Double glazing

Made from uPVC, our double glazed windows and doors are virtually maintenance-free and make a fabulous addition to any insulated structure. They come in a range of shapes and sizes and are available in white, anthracite and golden oak. We use the most efficient glass out there to conserve as much energy as possible within your building. These windows will keep you nice and toasty no matter how cool it gets outside.  


The doors

External doors are available in both wooden and uPVC frames and can be glazed or solid, single or double. Inside, you’ll enjoy internal panel doors finished in beautiful ash or plywood for painting.


Shapes and sizes

Choose the size, specification and positioning that works for you. Looking to maximise wall space and bring the outside in? Go for full height fixed windows. Alternatively you can have high level windows giving you plenty of wall space below. All our uPVC windows provide excellent insulation and a real cosiness inside.



When it comes to workshops and sheds, the doors will be outward opening to save space inside. Choose whether you want single or double doors depending on the type of space you want to create.

In insulated buildings, sliding doors are a great option for a more contemporary style, especially when paired with full height windows. And whether your building is insulated or not, the windows can be fixed or opening – or both – to suit you.



Our uPVC opening windows and doors will be fitted with multi-point locks for peace of mind whenever you’re not around. Removable plywood shutters are also available for windows in non-insulated buildings. We use dome-headed bolts on door fittings in non-insulated buildings to keep your contents secure too.


Velux Windows

Available for installation in corrugated plastisol, cedar and slate roofs, our Velux windows are double glazed and can be opened. Perfect if you want more light and air in your building.

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