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Helpful tips & advice: Winter maintenance guide

Check Point 1 – Gutters and Down Pipes

Look at the gutters. Are they blocked? They can be easily cleaned out, grab a ladder, put on a pair of rubber gloves and fish out the leaves – job done!

The down pipes can be more difficult, but if you have a really bad problem don’t worry there is a solution! You need to invest in Gutter guards - these are plastic grids that can be inserted into the gutter to prevent the leaves going down the down pipe and causing problems.

If the down pipes are blocked, first check the outlet. If the outlet is blocked there may just be not enough room for the leaves to flush through the pipe. Make sure the outlet is clear and unobstructed. If the blockage appears to be in the pipe it may be possible to push a running hose pipe down the pipe to free the blockage.

If this doesn’t work, use a pozi blade screwdriver to undo the small retaining screws holding the pipe to the gutter outlet and remove the pipe to clean it out.

Check Point – 2 Rain Savers (or diverters) connected to a water butt.

While these are very useful devices they are prone to block more easily than a straight run of down pipe. To unblock a rain saver, undo the small pozi screw connecting it to the down pipe above it. Now slide the rain saver down to give access to the small trap inside. Remove any debris blocking the trap and then reassemble.

Check Point 3 - Roofs

Don’t let leaves and twigs build up on your roof as this will attract moss and reduce the life of the roof. This is often a problem on garden buildings under trees. When you check your gutters check your roof as well, especially if it is a low pitched steel roof.

You don’t want it to end up like this!!

Check Point 4 – Protecting your timber

Routine treatment of the wall cladding on a garden building will help to make the timber last and keep out the damp. Because our buildings are pressure treated there is very little additional treatment required. Further details may be found on our website.

Check Point 5 - Rubbish!

Clear away logs, weeds, leaves and other debris that may have piled up against your building in the wind. The area around the walls should be kept free to let the timber breathe. This also applies to wall climbing plants like ivy which should be removed as part of your annual maintenance - this hasn't been done as you can see on this building...

I hope you have found the above tips helpful, more general advice can be found on our website - click here








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