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Introducing ZERO: The New Product Range From Shields Buildings

The Future of Garden Buildings is Here: Explore The New Zero-Maintenance Solution from Shields

We’re delighted to introduce you to ZERO, our brand-new product range! 

When naming our new range, we had no choice but to go with ‘ZERO’, given that it sums up every key benefit it offers…

Zero, zilch, nada. 

But what is it, I hear you ask?

Our ZERO range is a garden room you can quickly and easily order and get installed! Something that will stand the test of time without any ongoing maintenance.

In a lot of ways, it’s the best of both worlds.

Zero maintenance Composite garden building North Tawton


What Makes The ZERO Range Stand Out? 

When it comes to garden buildings, from the humble shed to the grandest summer house, there are a lot of decisions to be made.

How big does it need to be? Where will it go? Does it need windows? What are you planning on putting in there?

And these are all questions you’ll be asking yourself before you’ve even begun looking in earnest. We’ve been there ourselves!

The sheer weight of that decision-making process can halt things before they’ve even got going – we’ve created bespoke garden buildings for countless people who’d begun looking for their perfect creation years before they eventually got around to it.

But the gap between a bespoke creation and an ‘out of the box’ solution akin to a garden shed is enormous.

And we knew that something needed to fill that gap.


Painted interior


We’ve been leading the world of garden buildings in the South West since 1991, producing and installing timber garden buildings that look great, fit your needs perfectly and stand the test of time. 

All these years later, we’re incredibly excited to bring you our latest innovation that will do all of those things without any of the additional work needed to make it happen.

No planning permission, no complex designs, no worries about maintenance – just decide where it’s going, get it installed, enjoy. The end!

What’s The Difference Between ZERO And A Timber Garden Building?

 Rather than being made from timber, our ZERO range is made from composite boards, and fitted with an EDPM rubber roof. 

This means we can achieve a virtually flat roof, allowing for more height inside the building for storage, hobbies or whatever you plan on using your garden building for.

There are lots of similarities between the two ranges, as well. ZERO comes fully insulated with double-glazed windows and doors, as well as an electrical package so you can plug in whatever you need to – whether that’s tech, garden tools, sewing machines or anything you fancy! 


Double glazed window


It also comes complete with flooring and the interior is painted, meaning it’s ready to use straight away. Our goal with ZERO was always to ensure it’s hassle-free without compromising on the style, quality and look of our garden buildings.

The reason we’ve always used timber is because it’s always been the material that’s been able to achieve that – but with the composite boards ZERO comes with, that’s changed!

ZERO is innovative, exciting, and the next step in no-nonsense solutions when it comes to garden buildings. 

Its contemporary style, attractive side panel and decking make a stylish addition to any garden – it’s far from a straight off-the-shelf solution! 

But with all the benefits of an off-the-shelf solution.

What Are The Benefits of a ZERO Garden Room?

Well, zero hassle, zero maintenance, zero planning for starters! 

We may have already mentioned that, though.

On top of that, every ZERO Garden Room comes complete with:

Painted interior

AND delivery and installation are included as standard.

Pretty neat, right? 

If you’re keen to get the ball rolling on your ZERO garden room or want to find out more, you can either give us a call on 01837 82422 OR pop in and see us at de Bathe Farm in North Tawton EX20 2BE.

Alternatively, drop us an email at sales@shieldsbuildings and let’s talk garden rooms! 

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