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Adding value

Okay, I admit it, I’m a Rightmove scroller. Always have been, always will be. Even with no desire to move, I love to have a nose around, find out what’s on sale, have a peek inside houses, and get ideas for interior design.

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How they go up

If you’ve ever wondered how a Shields Building actually goes up, I’ve got good news – a video that shows you exactly that!

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The summerhouse

It was a nice relaxing Easter here in North Tawton – a train ride to Exeter on the Saturday sandwiched with plenty of sitting outside.

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Garden Room

We had lunch recently with some people based here in the South West, who we’ve just created a brand new timber garden building for, and an interesting question was raised:

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Everything we want

We love what we do: helping people transform their outdoor spaces, solve problems and meet their needs really is fulfilling.

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Timber Garden Building

It certainly seems a distant memory now, but the weekend really was glorious; a welcome reminder of what – touch wood – we have to look forward to this summer.

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Timber Combination Building

It’s officially spring, and boy are we enjoying it here in North Tawton. It’s sunny, and the winds of the weekend have calmed down a lot – I marshalled a 10-mile race on the Granite Way on Saturday, and I have to say I didn’t envy the runners pitted against those gusts!

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Whisper it

I was driving back from the supermarket yesterday evening and enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen for a while.

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Display site

As you’ll know by now, we’ve got an outdoor display site, where you can see examples of pretty much all the timber building types we offer.

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It’s rare that we offer any discounts here at Shields Buildings, but this week, one customer has the chance to save £2,000 on the timber garden building of their choice.

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