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Insulated timber garden building

And so they return

Despite the unbelievable weather we had last week, one thing is clear: summer’s over.

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The people behind Shields Buildings

The People Driving Shields Buildings Forward

Shields Buildings was established in 1991 and is still going strong over 30 years later. We make and install bespoke timber garden buildings all over Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. We stay true to our values: bespoke, well-made hand-crafted buildings that look beautiful AND stand the test of time.

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And that’s the century…

We love what we do – helping people to get more out of their home and garden really is very rewarding.

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Shields Buildings Calculator

We had a great time at the Okehampton Show last week – thank you to everyone who came to the stand.

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About Shields Buildings – Bespoke Garden Building Suppliers

Who are Shields Buildings?

At Shields Buildings, we exist to provide you with stunning garden buildings that enhance your property. Our timber buildings can give you more space, and help you get more enjoyment from your life.

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Choosing a garden building

Carlsberg drinker

I was in Oxford on Sunday. Nice part of the world for sure, but not really where I wanted to be on an August weekend.

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Where are you at with your garden building?

Don’t point that at me

Well, it’s time to say hello to August, and the drizzle which seems to come as a package deal these days. I don’t like to moan about the weather more than your average Brit – we need a little to keep us going, I think – but I have had just about enough of looking out of the window first thing in the morning only to confirm more of the same.

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Five years on

Hold up

The school holidays have started, which means that down here in not so sunny Devon we’ve got a few weeks of the usual traffic jams and holdups on the A30 to look forward to. 

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What you need to know before buying a shed

Your ultimate guide on buying a shed

So, what are the questions that we get asked by customers enquiring about buying a shed or workshop? The first one is what is the difference between a wooden shed and a timber workshop. The answer is easy, it’s just size! In general, smaller non-insulated buildings are referred to as sheds and larger ones as workshops.

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What types of wooden garden buildings do you have?

The wooden garden buildings that we produce

We have recently had a new video made to show the wooden garden buildings that we have here at the display site just outside North Tawton. 

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