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The best of both

I don’t want to state the obvious, but it really is rather hot. The temperature’s topped 29° in North Tawton the last two days, and it’s showing no signs of cooling down – it looks like it will be the weekend before there’s any respite from the hot sun.

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Where there’s a will

As the saying goes, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’, and it’s a maxim we’ve definitely tested over the years. You see, while most people see significant value in a timber garden building, plenty of customers come to us unsure whether their dreams can be turned into reality.

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The great unknown

So now we know, life will return to something closer to normality in just two weeks’ time. There are plenty of arguments for and against the Government’s approach, so I won’t add another voice to those.

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The steady rise of timber

If you’ve consumed any news over the last few weeks, chances are you’ll have seen that inflation has now risen to 2.1% – the highest rate for two years.

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The revolution is here

I’ve been looking for a new car for a little while now, and while browsing around, one thing has become abundantly clear: The electric revolution is here.

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His and hers hobby rooms

One thing that 18 months of working from home has done is exposed just what it’s like to work up close and personal with your partner. I’ve heard some pretty hilarious stories over the last year, from wives putting earplugs in to drown out the sound of their husbands on the phone, through to spouses being banned from the room during conference calls.

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Not insulated, but…

Finally, some weather befitting the time of year. After the coldest and wettest May in memory, June’s been a pleasant assault on the senses – the light and heat making being outside a truly glorious experience.

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What’s important

For many, the last 18 months has been a reminder of what’s important. And in most cases, it’s not stuff, or things, but people.

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Commandeered car

A few weeks back I mentioned that work was well underway for our double carport. And now I’m delighted to say that it’s complete!

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The perfect combination

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a type of building that’s proving hugely popular right now. In essence it’s a hybrid – part office/studio workspace, part workshop/store shed.

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