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Delivery and Access


Shields Buildings deliver and install timber garden buildings such as studios, offices, sheds, workshops and garages throughout the South West of England.

We take pride in our record for delivering on time. Once you place your order, we will provide you with an estimate of the delivery date, this is generally about 10-12 weeks. Not only will we keep to this date, but we will give you regular progress updates along the way.

Our professional, experienced and courteous team will ensure that your buildings is delivered and installed efficiently and to the highest standard.

Our delivery only option is available for locations that are outside of the South West. If you're unsure or would like further information please contact us. 


We understand that access can be an issue with narrow lanes, small gateways and shared entrances. If you have any concerns regarding the access to your property, please discuss this with us and we will endeavour to provide you with the best solution. The buildings we construct are delivered in panels up to 2.4m high and 3.6m long. An access headroom of at least 2m is generally required. If your path or gateway is less than 750mm wide, please let us know in advance.

It is important to know how far the site (that will be home to your new building) is from the place where the Shields Buildings vehicle will be parked. We will require parking for a Ford Transit size vehicle, plus a trailer for larger buildings. The distance from the parking area to the site can be measured in paces and it would be helpful for us to know if there are any steps or tight corners along the route.

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Product Options - Exterior
Each timber building is prepared in our workshop.
Product Options - Exterior

The Exterior Finishes

Make sure the first thing you see as you approach your building creates the impact you’re after. Choose between a wide range of options of exterior finishes to make it look exactly the way you want.

Custom built from the ground up.
Product Options - Exterior

The Base

All timber buildings require a base of some kind. What kind of base that will be depends on how heavy a load it will have to withstand. Here’s what we’d recommend you need, depending on the purpose of your building.

Grey Double Glazed Door with Lock
Product Options - Exterior

The Windows and the Doors

Whatever sort of building you’re creating, we have a huge range of flexible options for the windows and doors. We’ll talk specifications during your consultation but, for now, these are the sorts of things you can expect.

Wooden shingle roof for sheds and garden buildings.
Product Options - Exterior

The Roof

There are several different materials and accessories to choose between. Base your choice on the pitch of your roof and the look you’re longing for.

Product Options - Interior
Premium garden building interior
Product Options - Interior

The Interior

Make sure the inside of your building is everything you want it to be. Choose your style then work with us to find the products that match.

Product Options - Insulation & Electrics
Contemporary exterior light fitting
Product Options - Insulation & Electrics

The Electrics

We only use people we trust to put in the electrics that’ll turn your building into a space you can truly make the most of.

Devon timber building manufacturer
Product Options - Insulation & Electrics

The Insulation

Your building needs to be the perfect temperature and nice and dry all year round. To make that happen, we’ll combine top quality materials that retain heat in the winter and keep you cooler in the warmer weather.

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