Ride-on Mower Storage

Why You Need Ride On Mower Storage

Wondering where to store your Ride on Mower? We'll Create Bespoke Wooden Storage to Suit your Needs

A ride on mower is as convenient as it is efficient. If you’re lucky enough to own or operate one, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

But while they’re efficient when tackling large gardens and land, they must be looked after to stand the test of time. After all, anything with an engine is as temperamental as it is brilliant, right?

That’s where our ride on mower storage comes in.

Keeping your ride on mower safe, secure, and hidden from the elements ensures peace of mind and helps your mower stay in tip-top condition for those all-important spring, summer, and autumn months.

Ride on Mower Storage shed/garage

Bespoke Ride On Mower Storage 

Our expert team at Shields Buildings have configured almost every type of garden building you could imagine.

And if you think there’s something we’ve never built, we’d love to give it a go! 

A ride on mower storage shed was one of our favourite projects. We helped a customer (Mr E) create a shed that solved a few problems. You see, the most convenient location for his shed was atop a steep slope. So it wasn’t simple to get it in and out…

The solution? We designed a building that meant he could drive the mower in and out of the shed safely. It was a bespoke design, overcoming the slope by levelling the access door and creating wooden ramps.

Find out how we designed a bespoke ride on mower storage solution here.

Designing custom buildings that tick every box for our customers is a point of pride for us. We enjoy working together to find solutions that add that extra element of convenience and enjoyment to remind us why we do what we do! 

Ride on mower storage is becoming increasingly popular as people look to keep their lawn, garden, and land maintenance equipment stored safely and securely.

But finding the right solution for any garden building might seem like a minefield – and that’s something we’re always happy to help with. We want the process to be as fun AND smooth as possible for you, which is why we always work with you to design something that really fits the bill.

So, whether you’re dealing with a severe slope, a tight corner, an access issue or anything else, we’ll help find a solution that you’re happy with.

How Shields Delivered Customised Solutions for Mower Storage

Why Choose A Wooden Ride On Mower Storage Shed?

When it comes to custom garden buildings, you’ve got plenty of choice. But our wooden sheds can be configured for a whole host of hobbies or requirements, including ride on mower storage.

That means you benefit from the sturdiness, security AND stylishness of a wooden ride on mower storage shed that’s built to last in a design of your choosing. You can be safe in the knowledge that your ride on mower (and whatever else you plan on storing in there) is safe, secure and sheltered from the weather for many years to come.

Whether you know the exact design you want or you want to lean on our expertise to give you options, we can help. After all, you want your garden buildings to be as stylish as anything else in and around your house! 

All of our wooden garden buildings, including our ride on mower storage sheds, are priced including delivery, block base work and installation. They also come complete with a waterproof roof membrane so you can rest assured that when the next storm inevitably arrives, your ride on mower is as safe as can be.

We’ll also remove any old buildings and clear the site completely. 

For any further information, you can visit our display site at de Bathe Farm in mid-Devon (we’re open 7 days a week) or drop us an enquiry here.
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