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Insulated Garden Buildings: Do I Need to Insulate My Garden Building?

Is insulating your garden building necessary?

This question often arises when homeowners consider investing in insulated garden buildings. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of insulating garden structures and help you make an informed decision regarding your own garden building.

What are the benefits of insulated garden buildings?

Insulated wall min

A lot of people ask us if they need to have their building insulated and what the benefits are. If you have a building that you only plan to spend a little time in during the winter, you may feel it unnecessary to insulate the whole building.

In this case, we often advise customers to have the floor insulated, as standing on a cold floor in the winter months is not very pleasant! Insulating the roof is another option as a halfway house, making your building pleasant for occasional use. The floor is insulated with 65mm insulation and the ceiling 75mm.

However, if you are going to work in your timber garden building or want to sit out there in the depths of winter you really will need to have it fully insulated. Again, here you have a choice. At Shields Buildings, you can choose either premium or premium plus insulation, one being 40mm thick and the other 75mm thick, depending on how often and what you are using your building for.

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How does insulating a timber garden building work?

Insulation works in two ways. One to keep the cold out in winter, keeping your building warm. The other is to stop it from heating up in the summer, keeping it cool.  

We use high-specification foil-backed Celotex insulation. This product is highly heat-reflective and reflects more than 90% of radiant energy.

It is also moisture-resistant. This means that because it has a closed-cell structure, it does not absorb water. As a result, it guarantees that the product's thermal performance and durability can be maintained throughout time. We also add a waterproof membrane as a vapour barrier for added protection.

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Windows and door insulation

If you want an occasional-use building where insulation is less important, you may decide you are happy with our standard 3mm horticultural glass in the windows. However, with the addition of uPVC windows and doors, the high specification coated glass used on the double-glazed sealed units ensures a heat-efficient building, perfect for those who wish to prioritise energy efficiency and low maintenance.

uPVC windows are sealed double-glazed Planitherm units with Low E heat reflective glass and come in a range of sizes and colours with multi-point locking catches and trickle ventilators.

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Does a window tint help to insulate your garden building?

The glass can also be tinted to reflect the sun and keep your building cooler in the summer. Window tint reduces thermal rays and, therefore, heat. In fact, that's one of the top reasons for tinting windows in your home, or office.

If you have the sun beating down on your building it will soon heat up like a greenhouse. Naturally, this means it often ends up becoming very warm. The tint cuts out only a minimal amount of light. This can be very beneficial if your building is facing the sun.

So, in answer to the question, it really depends on where your building is and what you are proposing to use it for. Then there are a variety of steps you can take to go partially or fully insulated and the thickness of insulation you choose.

Just give us a call at Shields Buildings and we will gladly discuss your project in detail with you and advise.

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