Wooden Garden Office

Everything you need to know about wooden garden offices

Garden offices are so much more than just offices made of wood in your garden…

garden office or garden studioOkay, so wooden garden offices literally are all of those things, but hear me out.

Whether you’re looking for a space that’s completely your own to work out of, a place to set up a gym, an entertainment room, a kid’s den or even just a zen place that’s yours to head off to when you need a bit of ‘you’ time… a wooden garden office can be that.

In fact, we’ve even had someone build a wooden garden office specifically for their parrots. Yep, there’s not much they can’t do.


Why a Wooden Garden Office?  

Let’s start with the obvious. If you’re often working from home, whether you’re running your own business, a hobby that’s a bit of a side hustle or even if your day-to-day job often happens from home, you need a proper space.

A few years ago, when lockdown hit, the novelty of working from home meant that desks, office chairs and spaces to work from were at a premium. And as time’s gone on, working habits have changed. The number of people working in one way or another from home has increased exponentially.

At some point, a cluttered spare room, a dining room table or a cheap desk you got in a hurry a few years back doesn’t cut it anymore.

And that’s when wooden garden offices come into their own.

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Can you use a garden office all year round?

If you're considering investing in wooden garden offices, then you'll want to know that you can get your money's worth. Because it’s insulated you don’t need to worry about what happens when it’s inevitably dark and cold for half of the year. So, yes,  you can work 365 days a year, 24/7 if you really want to! Although we’d advise a break for Christmas and some sleep in between, at least!

In fact, we use foil-backed high-specification insulation in the floor, walls and roof, as well as installing maintenance-free uPVC windows and doors in whatever colour you fancy (from our range at least).

If you want to know more about energy efficiency, just as about our Low-E double glazing – some even say it’s 3 times more efficient than standard double glazing (hint: it’s us that say it… because it’s true).

Do I need to insulate my garden building?


What If I Have A Specific Hobby Or Use In Mind For A Wooden Garden Office?

For all you butchers, bakers, candlestick makers and hobbyists out there, having your own space just for you sounds ace, doesn’t it?

Whether you’ll be spinning yarn, rolling out dough, making clay while the sun shines (get it?) or anything else, having a dedicated space without any other distractions sounds like heaven on earth.

Lighting, electrical sockets and a wall heater are included so you don’t need to worry about not being able to thread that needle in the dark or work out your dark blues from your charcoal greys.

You’ll even get to choose your roof colours, and interior linings (and colours) and make sure it feels very much like yours.

How to pick your perfect garden workshop


Purpose-built garden offices

After all, why have a wooden garden office outdoor purpose-built room if it’s not, well, purpose-built. Because our only purpose is to make sure whatever you want, we can deliver on.

So, if you’re looking for a room that your cats can call their own, we won’t judge. In fact, we’ll do better than that, we’ll help you pick out the right cat flap to match Fluffy’s ginger paws.

And if it’s less of a hobby room and more of a chill room, whether that’s for you or the kids, it absolutely can be.

You’ve got all sorts of options on how you configure it, with prices starting at £12,000. But more important than all of that is that you make sure it’s the right option for you – there’s no compromising when it comes to getting this right.


What About The Technical Stuff?

Example of beautiful wooden garden officesAs with any building or structure, there is inevitably some technical stuff. We’ve already talked about the maintenance-free uPVC windows, the Low-E double glazing and doors, the lighting, electrical sockets and the wall heater.

But if you’re keeping the height of your building under 2.5m, our timber garden offices also come with a lower profile apex roof or sloping roof, which means you don’t need planning permission. That’s a technical bit of info that’s worth its weight in gold.


Our range of bespoke wooden garden offices

All of our buildings are entirely bespoke, which means they’re designed for you, built for you, and installed for you by our experienced team of craftsmen.

Get in touch with us for more information on your brand-new bespoke garden office, gym, craft room, chill zone, kids’ den…

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