Perfect garden sheds

How to pick garden sheds that stand the test of time

Your expert garden sheds guide from a Devon shed supplier

Garden sheds are not hard to come by; the difficulty is in finding one that meets your requirements AND stands the test of time.

Because the truth is, you can get a garden shed pretty cheap, by scouring online and getting a flatpack one delivered.

The question is, will it still be there in five years? With that in mind, we’ve put together a short guide that will help you understand what you need to be looking for if you’re looking for the perfect shed in Devon.

Things to consider when looking for your perfect timber shed

1. It all starts with the base!

As with all buildings, a timber shed is only as good as its base. Make sure you know exactly what wooden shed base comes with your purchase. 

Cheap garden sheds generally don’t have much of a base to speak of. Often they’ll be sitting directly on the ground, which can cause issues with damp and a lack of air circulation.

Foundation for timber shed construction

At Shields Buildings, we use 100mm concrete blocks for our base. This is then set on compacted soil, and the wooden floor is then evenly placed on the concrete blocks. In addition, we use pressure-treated timber floor bearers, with a maximum spacing of 800mm, and floor joists, with a maximum spacing of 400mm.

This means our sheds have a really strong base while still allowing air to flow to prevent dampness.

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2. Walls in the garden shed

Once you’ve got a strong base, the next thing to consider is the walls. It is unfortunate to discover that many sheds you can order online have only a thin layer of wood, often made from cheap wood to keep costs low.

The result is a thin wall that doesn’t last long, doesn’t stand up to the elements, and provides no protection from the wind and rain or cold outside.

How our bespoke shed walls differ

We make every garden building with care.Our wall construction is a little different – we build heavy-duty timber framing. A breathable membrane is then fixed onto it, with the whole thing clad in pressure-treated redwood timber cladding.

These three elements all work together to keep out damp and ensure longevity. We then apply two coats of waterproofer for added protection.

We’re also very selective about our timber. We use redwood which comes from the cooler climate of Scandinavia. Thanks to the cool climate, it’s slow growing, which makes it denser than most timbers, which means it’s more solid and lasts longer.

We also use a silicone sealer around all openings, joints and corners to guard against bad weather.

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3. A long-lasting roof for your timber shed

As you’d expect, our bespoke shed roofs are made of the same high-quality timber. They're then finished off with your choice of cedar shingle, artificial slate, or plastisol steel sheeting.

We also offer roof lights that provide natural light in wooden sheds. They’re made from translucent glass-reinforced polyester, and feature an inside skin of 4mm clear Perspex, which helps avoid condensation.

Lighting sources for sheds

Velux window in corrugated roofThe reality is that if you’re spending any time in your shed, you’ll want to be able to see what you’re looking at.

And although you may not want power going to it, roof lights can help shed light (seriously, no pun intended!) when you’re looking for your next tool.

Most ‘off-the-shelf’ sheds feature no lighting or natural light at all, so it’s something worth thinking about before you order.

We also line our roofs with OSB boarding which helps provide a warm, dry interior.

Expert advice from a bespoke garden-building supplier

4. Don't forget about the extras!

The other benefit you get when you secure your timber garden shed through a bespoke company like Shields Buildings is pretty much-unlimited extras.

Rather than buying a shed ‘off the shelf’, you’re able to pick and choose what you want. This means you can add to what we include as standard to make sure it really is your perfect garden shed

Examples of extras to consider

We offer a range of additional internal shelving, made from solid hardwood ply, tool racks and water butts fixed to the rainwater downpipes and mounted on a base and patio slab. You can also choose from different painted finishes.

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Painted shed

In short, if you’re looking for a shed that stands the test of time, then it’s absolutely critical to do your research. Don't just buy the first thing you see online!

And if you’re interested in what we offer, then we’d be delighted to have a conversation about how we can help you.

Give in touch today and we’ll talk through your requirements, let you know what we can do, and we can take it from there. You can either give us a call on 01837 82442 or email

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