Garden Combination Building

The Ultimate Guide to Garden Combination Buildings

Key factors to consider when selecting custom garden combination buildings

When it comes to garden combination buildings, one of the things we’ve learned is that one size certainly doesn’t fit all. And we’re not just talking about dimensions.

More and more people are starting to realise the importance of making the most of the space they have available.  Having a timber combination building that fulfils more than one purpose is a smart move.

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What are my options for a combined timber building?

In theory, you have the option of either a custom-made timber building or an 'off-the-shelf" version.

The trouble is, when you buy flatpack buildings from the internet, it’s pretty much impossible to get a good multi-purpose combination building.

So are custom timber buildings better?

With Shields Buildings, we can make (within reason) any building. As a result, garden combination buildings are proving exceptionally popular at the moment.

Whether you're looking for a carport and shed combo or a combined garden room and shed, we've probably made it. 

Studio combi

Some examples of bespoke combined builds:
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Things you should consider when looking for a custom timber building

So, if you are looking for bespoke combination buildings, here’s what you should be thinking about:

1. Windows and Doors

Insulation for your garden buildings

Clearly, a garden building has to be warm, which means the doors and windows need to be on point. 

Our uPVC glazing consists of 28mm thick sealed units with Argon-filled cavities and a ‘soft coat’ heat reflecting coating on the inside of the glass, which does a fantastic job in retaining heat – when paired with insulation, this can ensure your combination buildings can be used all year round.

Secure doors and windows

It’s also critical to consider security, and that’s why all the uPVC door and window locks we supply have multi-point locking, as well as being supplied with spare keys.

Protection from the elements

One issue that plenty of low-quality garden buildings have is around damp and mould, which is why all our uPVC windows feature trickle vents, improving ventilation, ensuring better quality air and helping to ventilate the interior.

To keep your building cooler in summer, we also offer tinted glass windows – these reduce the building temperature by up to 60-70%, with only a 10% loss of light - perfect for those hot summer days.

Fitting your needs!

It is important to be able to get the right door for your needs – ours come in two different widths – 750mm and 840mm, our double door options are either 1200mm or 1500mm, and sliding door sets are available from 2000mm up to 2600mm.

Or, for extra light, we offer double doors with fixed sidelights, up to 2.9m wide.

Download our brochure of custom timber buildings


2. Walls

Keep out damp

When it comes to garden buildings, it is critical that they stand the test of time. This is because it’s too easy to use cheap timber which warps and deteriorates with the weather.

That’s why we construct our walls from pressure-treated redwood timber cladding, constructed over a breathable membrane, which helps to keep out damp.

Insulation of your combination building

If you opt for insulation, we add an additional vapour barrier to prevent the ingress of moisture into the walls from within the building.

Many of our combination garden building customers opt for a part-insulated building e.g. where the studio/office is insulated, but the shed is not.

When you opt for this, the studio side of the partition wall is lined in MDF, with the shed side in hardwood ply.

How to pick a garden shed that stands the test of time


3. Finish

Garden Combination BuildingOnce again, the choice is yours – you can leave the timber bare or if you’d prefer you can paint the external walls.

They can be finished with two coats of opaque Sadolin water-based paint, available in a wide variety of colours.

It’s vital that you ensure that the external cladding is treated. That’s why we use pressure-treated timber. Any building you buy from Shields Buildings will also be treated with a waterproofer if it is not painted.


4. Power

Most of our customers need a power supply installed in their combination timber building. If that’s the case, your existing power supply will have to be checked to ensure that it is capable of coping with the extra load your building will add.

When you use Shields Buildings, our electrician will check this and ensure that your fuses will be able to cope. We install 13-amp twin power sockets as standard. Sockets with built-in USB ports are also available.

We provide you with a building regulations part P 'domestic electrical installation certificate' for all of our electricians who are NICEIC certified.

Learn more about our installation process


5. Lighting

We offer a couple of different lighting options. These include slimline LED batten lights, generally coming in lengths of either 1.2m and 1.5m, or spotlights on a rail, with 5w cool white LED bulbs. Toilet lights are circular fixtures that are moisture-proof.

We also offer external lighting with a built-in PIR sensor. You can have a choice of up-and-down LED lights, rectangular bulkhead lights or lantern-style lights.

Want to see more about how our custom timber buildings are lovingly prepared?


6. Heating

Heating is vital to consider. If your timber garden building isn’t warm enough to be in when you want to use it, then you'll not get the most out of it.

Our heaters are wall-mounted panel heaters, available in 1.5kw and 2kw output. They are electronically controlled by a digital display. The control panel includes a thermostat, timer and eco mode.


Ready to get started on your garden combination building?

If you’re looking for a combination timber garden building, then get in touch. We are an experienced garden-building company that knows what we are doing!

You can call 01837 82442, or email us at and we’ll talk your project through.

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