When the mince pies are gone...

Driving around over the last couple of days has made one thing clear: Christmas has definitely come early.

As far back as last Monday, I was seeing Christmas trees make their way up and fairy lights festooned on trees and lampposts and roofs, and now we’re into December, we really are in a veritable Winter wonderland. I guess it’s no surprise – lockdown has meant more time at home and a greater need for joy. The result has been the festive season starting early.

Although Christmas is going to be different this year, it will at least be a bit of respite after what’s been a very difficult 10 months. So I certainly don’t begrudge anyone squeezing every last drop out of the festivities!

But what about afterwards? When the tinsel’s packed away, the last mince pies have been eaten and the final argument over the board game has been had?

January to March is going to be a colossal challenge for us all, whatever Tier we’re in. To stay sane and stay safe, many of us will be looking for something to fill those dark evenings and weekends, and if you’re in that boat, then maybe it’s time you gave yourself somewhere in your home that’s completely yours.

Whether it’s to write, paint, read, or think; or whether it’s a place for the kids to run riot and blow off some steam, our timber garden studios have served our customers well for the last 30 years; giving them a dedicated room for hobbies, reducing clutter in their homes and allowing them to really focus on something they can enjoy.

If that sounds like the right way to deal with the winter to come, we should get started on the design for your building ASAP – get in touch and let’s have a conversation.

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When does a timber building need planning permission? Many buildings will not need permission, but you are always advised to check first.
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