Garden office under construction

When do you want your garden building?

The problem with leather jackets

As you probably know, Shields Buildings is based right here on the Shields family farm.

But we don’t tend to do too much farming these days – just a bit of dabbling here and there.

And even that is beset with complication.

John’s recently reseeded one of our fields, which had become unproductive, and did everything right:

Field sprayed to kill off the old grass?  Check.

Lime spread? Check.

New seed drilled? Check.

A decent rainfall to get the seed off to a good start? Check.

Despite all this, the germination was – to be polite – patchy, and that field will have to be redrilled next spring.

Why?  Turns out it’s a problem with leather jackets, and not the John Travolta-type.

Crane fly larvae (also known as leather jackets) are rather partial to grass roots, and they certainly went to town on John’s field, which – as you can imagine – he wasn’t exactly pleased by.

Anyway, that task is back on the list for the spring, and it got me thinking about where your garden building currently is on your agenda?

Are you hoping to get it in first thing next year?  Do you want it ready for spring?

Whenever you want it installed, the time to start talking is now – the more notice we have, the more able we are to ensure it arrives and gets installed exactly when you want it.

What’s your current thinking on it?

The good news is that when it comes to garden buildings, securing yours from Shields Buildings couldn’t be simpler – give us a call, drop us an email, we’ll talk through what you’re after, and once we’ve got the plan, you can leave it to us to make it happen.  So let’s get started! Call us on 01837 82442 TODAY.

P.S. As John knows all too well (and Jeremy Clarkson is discovering!), there’s nothing simple about farming.



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