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With both girls safely deposited back to university, John and I are empty nesters once again. (Until reading week anyway!) But rather than sit around, wondering what they’re getting up to, I decided not to let the grass grow under my feet last weekend, and headed down to Looe – the delightful Cornish fishing port on the south coast.

There were eight of us girls, so we rented a house with a hot tub, and had the ultimate chill weekend – walks on the South West Coast Path, lovely food, board games and evenings in the hot tub putting the world to rights.

It’s been too long since I’ve caught up with these precious women, and it reminded me of the importance of taking time out for yourself to rest and re-energise.

Even without school runs, packed lunches and moonlighting as your daughters’ taxi driver, modern life is hectic.

And it’s moments like my weekend in Looe that give my batteries a recharge – I’m back and raring to go. We can’t always pop off for a weekend away when we need our batteries recharging, but over the years I’ve realised that having a dedicated space that’s just for you achieves a very similar effect.

Whether it’s a space for knitting, reading, painting, working out, watching TV, or just thinking, the important thing is carving out opportunity for some me time, something that’s a whole lot easier to achieve when you’ve got a space for it.

If your life is hectic, and you know you could do with some more me time, why not take a big step towards it with your very own dedicated timber garden building?

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