The best of both worlds?

insulated garden room

Working from home

The pandemic has meant that it’s very quickly gone from the thing that a few people did, to something that nearly 50% of us are doing. And despite having to make do with kitchen tables and back bedrooms, a sizeable chunk of these impromptu workers appear to be enjoying it.

It’s not hard to see why – with no commuting to do, and all your home comforts nearby, it really can provide the best of both worlds. Those of us who can work from home are being asked to continue doing so, while more than a few people have told me that they’re planning to work from home more permanently from now on.

And if ‘working from home’ is going to become your ‘new normal’, could it be time to upgrade your home working game?

That rickety old summerhouse is fine in the summer, but when the temperature drops in autumn and winter, you’re going to be counting your toes to make sure you’ve still got them all.

There is a solution though – an insulated garden building.

Our insulated buildings can be used as an office or studio all year round, and installed nicely in your garden, it can be hugely beneficial:

  • Say goodbye to the commute – with no travel time, you can work more efficiently, and get hours of your life back to spend on the things you want to do
  •  Work when you want – when you’re no longer tied to the office, you’ve got more flexibility about when you work
  •  Get more acquainted with nature – scientific studies indicate that ‘outdoor’ time can be massively helpful for our health
  • Increase the value of your home – depending on where you live, a garden office can increase the value of your home by around 7%
  • An extra room – you won’t be working in there all the time, which means an extra room for leisure

Keen to keep working from home, but want to do it right?  Give us a call and let’s talk about your very own insulated workspace.

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