Planning permission questions & answers


When do I need change of land use?

Often a domestic outbuilding that is permitted within the boundary of a residential property is not permitted in a field. To erect the building in a field would require an application for change of land use, together with an application for the building itself.

Will I need any surveys before I start building?

Surveys are becoming increasingly common as part of the application process. This particularly applies to bat surveys in existing buildings that are being demolished. The cost of this can be considerable. Ask us for recommended ecology consultants for surveys.

Can I build over a sewer?

If you intend to build over, or close to, a public sewer you will require written agreement from your sewerage undertaker. Therefore, you should consult the company at the earliest planning stage of your building work.

When do I need fire proofing?

Fire proofing is needed where a building is near a boundary and is based on the % of the materials that are unprotected. Wood is considered to be 50% unprotected. In practice a garden shed on the boundary would not need to be protected, but a garage would. Ideally, the garage would be placed away from the boundary. Advice should be sought from the local Building Control office.

How do trees impact on planning applications?

Trees that are within falling distance of the proposed new building have to be marked on a plan. If they are considered significant in the landscape, or have a preservation order on them, the location of the building may be affected. Similarly, the root zone of trees may have an impact on the location of concrete floors for outbuildings.

What do I need to know about applying for planning permission in National Parks?

National Parks have extra requirements for outbuildings. Permitted development is more restricted than outside a Park. Buildings are preferred to be situated in clusters. This means that there are restrictions about the distance from your property that outbuildings are permitted.

Outbuildings will need to be sympathetically designed to reflect the character of other buildings in the area. As an example, corrugated steel sheeting on steep roof pitches is often required for outbuildings on Dartmoor.

Please note this is intended as an introductory guide and not a definitive source of legal information. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like us to undertake a Planning Application on your behalf:





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