Open Saturday

Visit our timber buildings showroom.

Like most of us, I spend a lot of the winter pining for summer. But now it looks like we’ll be spending the spring doing it too!

The concern over the coronavirus has clearly had a big impact on the country, and I’m just longing for the days when we can spend time in our gardens, with not a care in the world!

Anyway, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my mother’s generation, it’s the importance of ‘keeping calm and carrying on’.

Which is what we’re doing here at Shields Buildings – carrying on, whilst taking every necessary precaution to keep ourselves and all of our staff and customers safe.

This includes continuing our Open Saturdays, with the next one being this coming weekend, strictly no handshakes allowed.

As we all know, there’s likely to be a lot more home-working over the next few weeks, and my feeling is that when companies start to realise how possible it is, it could become something approaching the new norm in the next few years. And if you’ve been looking for the perfect place to work from home, then now could be the time to get the ball rolling on it.

If you would like to visit this Saturday 21 March, we’re operating strict timeslots, to ensure you keep up with the ‘social distancing’, so if you’d like one, hit reply and let me know.

And if you aren’t able to be with us on Saturday, but would still like to have a conversation, we can always set up a FaceTime call so you can see the buildings without actually being physically present.

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