Oak fronted Carport


Remember the February storms?

We certainly got our fair share of them down here in the Southwest, and when the storms had finally palled, we had quite the clean-up operation on our hands.

As the saying goes, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ – a dead oak tree came down during one of them; can’t remember whether it was Dudley, Eunice or Franklin! And being proponents of the ‘waste not, want not’ philosophy, we have recently got to work, cutting it up and planking it.

Before you start thinking that’s a very organised way of ensuring we’ve got enough firewood for the winter, we wouldn’t dream of burning this beautiful English oak!

Instead, it will look fantastic on the front of our oak fronted carports – a type of timber garden building that many customers were glad of during the storms. So, if you’re considering an oak fronted carport this year, you might well end up with some truly authentic, North Tawton oak on the front!

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