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Pent shed

Now's the time for a new workshop or shed

This week’s seen some very welcome light at the end of the tunnel, with the announcement that lockdown will end on December 2nd, as well as some very positive updates on the vaccine front. Unfortunately, the easing of restrictions came rather too late for the afternoon tea I had planned at the weekend to celebrate a friends birthday, but we’ve all got fingers crossed that we’ll end up in a Tier that allows it to go ahead next month!

As I write, there’s been no news on Christmas, but it does seem like we’re going to get some brief respite, before returning to restrictions for the first few months of 2021.

 But here’s my seriously big crumb of comfort: officials are now talking in these terms – ‘the first few months of next year’, with Easter looking to be turning point in the minds of the people in the know.

Which means, drum roll please….

We’re actually going to have a proper summer in 2021!

Holidays, walks with friends, garden parties; it’s all there on the horizon, and I can hardly wait.

Having the news of the vaccine means we can all begin making plans, and whether that’s thinking about where you’re going to holiday next year, or the organisation of how your garden’s going to look when you’re entertaining in July and August, it can now begin in earnest.

And if a garden building is a part of that plan, whether you want a new workshop to work on your latest project, a new shed for all your gardening tools, or something else entirely, the time to have a conversation about it is now.

Click here to view our sheds and workshops, and when you’re ready for a conversation, just let us know.

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