Not quite New York

Painted office

If things had gone smoothly, I’d be packing a bag to go to New York this week. We planned a family trip before the pandemic began, and when a 2020 visit was no longer possible, we rearranged for this year.

More than twelve months on, it’s still not an option, so rather than sitting around and moping about it, we made alternative plans.

And while a long weekend in Herefordshire doesn’t quite have the same level of glamour as a trip to the Big Apple, I’m still thoroughly looking forward to it.

Ellie’s on reading week, so she’ll be joining us, which means the sisters will be reunited after the longest time they’ve ever spent apart.

We’ve got a girly spa day booked, and John’s taking his golf clubs, so everyone is happy!

I suppose the last two years has taught us all to be able to be adaptable and flexible like this, to grasp hold of new opportunities, rather than bemoan the loss of old ones. And that’s what many Shields Buildings customers have been doing this year:

 Having recognised that their big holiday wasn’t going to happen, they’ve spent the money on something that will last…

 Recognising that the commute to the office may never be the same again, they’ve created permanent working spaces in their gardens…

 Understanding that more time at home doesn’t have to be at the cost of entertainment, we’ve helped them build dedicated spaces for their hobbies…

 The list goes on, but you get the point: life is never straightforward, but it’s how we deal with the forks in the road that play a large part in how much we enjoy it. And if one of our buildings could help you with the fork in your road, get in contact and let’s get started.

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