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Springing forward…

I’ve always seen March as the month when things change, Mothering Sunday waving farewell to the last remnants of winter, before we’re greeted by the first day of spring.

And after a lovely weekend in which both daughters remembered to send cards (!), it really does feel like spring is now here – I can feel it in the air and see it in the roses that are beginning to shoot up.

Another great spring signifier arrives this weekend – the clocks going forward. And although it does mean losing an hour of sleep, it’s more than made up for in those light evenings, which will stretch on for several glorious months.

All around us there are signs of spring tapping us on the shoulder, and reminding us that time doesn’t stand still for any of us.

Which means that if 2023 is the year you’d like your timber garden building installed, the time to get started? Right now.

Before you know it, it’ll be Easter.  A few short weeks later, Whit will arrive, and then the summer holidays.

Do you want your building in situ to make the most of all that’s to come?  Let’s talk today – just give us a call or email

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