Get your timber garden building in time for the summer

Studio with veranda

Easter egg overdose

The Easter Weekend – it’s a time for families up and down the country to come together, enjoy each other’s company and eat far too much chocolate.

And in my experience, it’s also a time when plenty of people reassess their home and garden.

With spring well and truly springing now, and the school summer term just around the corner, attention is turning towards the warmer months, and plans are being made, flights are being booked.

It’s a lovely thing to think about – the sun lounger, the cool drinks, the baking hot sun.

But with the best will in the world, it’s not realistic to spend the whole summer on holiday. Which is one of the many reasons why so many people opt for a garden building – it makes their home and garden more usable, more appealing, and more pleasant to spend time in, whatever the weather throws at us.

So, whether you’re on holiday or not, you can enjoy the space you’re in.

And if you’re looking to get your timber garden building in for the summer, we need to start talking ASAP – give us a call, drop us an email or come and see us.

If you’d like to see the buildings first hand, this Saturday is the perfect opportunity – we’re holding our next Display Day between 10am and 1pm. Come on down, see the buildings for yourself and get any questions answered.

Oh, and if you still fancy something sweet after overdosing on Easter eggs, we’ll have some biscuits in stock, as well as your choice of hot drink.

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