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Garden Sheds - Why Bespoke Is Best

What's the Best Garden Shed? Here's why Bespoke is Best

When it comes to garden sheds, you’ve got two choices –  bespoke or off-the-shelf.

We’re going to assume that if you’re reading this, you’re undecided on the best option. The truth is, bespoke is always best and in the long run, it’s always better value for money. It’s an old cliché but one that rings true with garden sheds – if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

But let’s take it back a step and think about the reason you want a garden shed…

Is it a heavy-duty shed, a ‘she shed’ or ‘man cave’, a purpose-built workshop, or something else? Because we have loads of different purpose-built garden buildings that suit every need.


See the Bespoke Timber Shed we created for Mr and Mrs Walters

Bespoke Garden Sheds Vs Off-The-Shelf

Head down to your local garden centre, DIY store or online and you can find a shed that you can plonk in your garden straight away (depending on whether it’s flatpack/self-assembly or done for you!).

Here’s the thing, though – an off-the-shelf solution is never going to be tailored to your needs. You’re stuck with the shape, size, dimensions, and options you’ve got and there’s no leeway on what you get. Whereas with our bespoke garden sheds, you get the attention to detail in every aspect of the design and construction that you need to build something that stands the test of time.

That’s both stylistically and structurally, by the way.

Sheds are typically non-insulated, robust buildings under 3.5m x 3m with a choice of low-profile apex or pent roofs. Bespoke means that if you’ve got a spot in mind, we can help you create the right garden shed for it. We'll also level your foundations and install it so that it’s secure and stable.

Whereas if you’re dealing with a garden on a slope, tight space or anything that’s not the ideal footing for a shed, bespoke gives you the peace of mind that your investment will last.

Bespoke Bike shed. Timber shed in garden.

What you need to know before buying a shed

Why Choose A Bespoke Wooden Garden Shed?

A garden shed is so much more than a garden shed. It’s a tool shed, a hobby station, a storage area for things precious to you or whatever you want it to be – we’re not here to limit your imagination!

It seems a shame to limit it to being just a ‘shed’… if you know what I mean.

Your bespoke Shields shed can be beautifully painted in any colour you can imagine (that we can colour-match!) to fit the vibe you want. So whether that's muted tones, bright and colourful or blending into the scenery, we can arrange it!

It’s custom-made from the ground up, which means that whatever you want, we can sort.

Our first conversations will be about what you want to achieve with your new bespoke garden shed. Then we can get into the details. If you want fitted lighting in there so you can use it during winter and in the evenings, we can do it. If you’re looking for a wider entrance or extra windows (or none), we can work with you to craft the design that fits you.

See the Shed with log store we created for our customer, Katherine

We believe that your garden buildings should fit the character of your home and garden – they don’t need to be an eyesore and you don’t need to choose the most convenient option for you.

Because convenience and style should go hand in hand.

As for the roof, that’s entirely up to you too – just speak to us about what you’ve got in mind and we’ll run through all of your options!

Get in touch with us for more information on your brand-new bespoke wooden garden shed…

If you want to calculate a rough estimate for your bespoke garden shed, use our simple calculator tool.

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