Combination building

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Let sleeping dogs lie

We were in London at the weekend for a family christening and it couldn’t have gone better – the weather was stunning, the gathering was lovely, and the location perfect.

Back in North Tawton though, the heavens were opening.

Not that the farmers mind I’m sure – those fields could definitely do with a dousing.

Anyway, while we were en route to the big smoke, we stopped off at a recent customer’s house to check out their building and make a couple of tiny tweaks. They’re already getting plenty of use out of it; there are a couple of sofas that seem to be entirely monopolised by the dogs, a Peloton bike for Mr B, and a tool storage area where they can store everything they need to keep their garden looking as beautiful as ever.

Once again, the “combination building” comes into its own.

Because each of our buildings is entirely bespoke, you really can have whatever you want.

Half gym, half wood store?  No problem.

Half office, half workshop?  We can do it.

There are no barriers, no “no nos” – if your combination is possible, we’ll make it happen.

Right now, the only thing standing in the way of you getting started is a conversation to move things forward, so let’s do that this week – get in touch and we’ll talk your project through.

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