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Insulated garden building

Carlsberg drinker

I was in Oxford on Sunday. Nice part of the world for sure, but not really where I wanted to be on an August weekend.

The reason I was there will likely be familiar to any parent who’s had children at university – the lease is up on daughter #1’s student house, so the property needs emptying and cleaning.

I don’t mind donning the marigolds, but the frustrating bit?  Once everything was spotless and shining and all the “stuff” was packed up, we drove it all back to North Tawton, even though she’s still got another year at uni, in another student house, a stone’s throw from her last one.

With no overlap on the lease, we couldn’t just transfer from one property to another, which means another pilgrimage with all her earthly possessions in September.

It’s frustrating, because it doesn’t make sense – it would be easy to tweak the process to make life easier for everyone.

At Shields Buildings, we’ve thought long and hard about the process of choosing and investing in a garden building, and eliminated as much friction as we can:

  • You pick up the phone or email us and we’ll chat through what you want
  • If you’d like to, you can pop along to our display site for a face-to-face
  • If planning’s required, we’ll do it for you
  • We will do a site visit, so we know what we’re working with
  • Our team will get busy making your building, right here on the farm
  • Then we’ll deliver it, but rather than leaving you with an indecipherable flatpack to deal with, our installation team will get it up and ready to go, without you lifting a finger.

It’s our goal to make sure there are no silly little quirks in the process, no moments where a customer thinks, “If only they did this differently”.

 I’m not a Carlsberg drinker, but we’re governed by the principle of wanting to be the best at what we do, and if you’re ready to see what that feels like, just get in touch!

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