Built to last

After Eunice and Franklin, the only question is: who’s next?!

Gloria?  Grace?  Gabriella?  Gladys?

Our country really has taken a battering over the last week, particularly here in the Southwest – trees down, power cuts, debris all over the roads, and – of course – plenty of havoc in our gardens and homes. I imagine a fair few sheds and other garden structures have come down over the last few days, but I was asked an interesting question last week:

Will your buildings be okay in the storm?

And while you can never guarantee these things, my answer was a pretty certain “yes” – we handcraft each building with the same aim: to last years and years and years.

Put simply: our garden buildings are built to last, and to cope with everything that’s thrown at them, while our garages keep your vehicles nice and snug while the wind is whirling outside.

So, if you’re considering a garden building, make sure you ask the question:

Could it cope with Eunice?

 If it couldn’t, chances are you need to go back to the drawing board and invest in a timber garden building that can withstand the best and worst that British weather has to throw at it.

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