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Not quite New York
If things had gone smoothly, I’d be packing a bag to go to New York this week. We planned a family trip before the pandemic began, and when a 2020 visit was no longer possible, we rearranged for this year.
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In for spring
Despite a couple of warmer days at the back end of last week, it really does now feel like we’re settling down for winter.
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Shaken, not stirred
After what seems like an eternity, 007 is back, and based on the box office from the opening weekend, it’s likely to be the biggest selling Bond of all time. For most of us, it’ll be our first trip to the cinema for a long, long time, with the pandemic putting paid to the big screen for much of the last two years.
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Staying where they are
Well, the world is a rather crazy place this week. With queues at garage forecourts all over the country, petrol and diesel has become like gold dust.
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Driving in the dark
After the let-down of August (which is happening with such alarming regularity that there seems little point in pretending that August is a summer month!), warm September days are always welcome, and that’s exactly what we’ve enjoyed again this year.
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Thirty Years
1991 - 2021 - we can scarcely believe it, but Shields Buildings is 30 this year.
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Open Saturday
Somewhere, deep in the depths of time, we used to do something.
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It was a stressful week last week, thanks to the Okehampton Show AND A-Level results. But I’m pleased to say that both went swimmingly – Ellie got what she needed and she’s off to Oxford Brookes, and the show went incredibly well too.
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Busy but normal
It’s a big week in the Shields household this week.
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Interesting uses for a shed
I was on the phone the other day, talking to someone who helps us with our marketing, when he said something that totally shocked me.
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