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Getting to know you
We’re such a close-knit team here at Shields Buildings, and I thought it would be nice to share a little of who we are and what we’re about. So, over the coming months I’ll be sharing a series of Q&A’s with the team. Up first, the man himself, the founder, Mr John Shields:
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Writing studio
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Working from home
I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of unwanted Christmas presents, but this year, we’ve all received a late festive gift that none of us wanted: Yet another lockdown.
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So this is Christmas
Here we are – in the words of John Lennon:
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The events of this year have had huge impacts on our way of life, and perhaps one of the most striking changes has been the amount of 'stuff' we all buy online.
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Time for a new garage?
You know the funny thing about cleaners? They almost always have the messiest houses. You can understand why – getting home from work after a day of cleaning and donning the marigolds is akin to a busman’s holiday, which is why plenty of them struggle to do it.
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When the mince pies are gone...
Driving around over the last couple of days has made one thing clear: Christmas has definitely come early.
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Now's the time for a new workshop or shed
This week’s seen some very welcome light at the end of the tunnel, with the announcement that lockdown will end on December 2nd, as well as some very positive updates on the vaccine front. Unfortunately, the easing of restrictions came rather too late for the afternoon tea I had planned at the weekend to celebrate a friends birthday, but we’ve all got fingers crossed that we’ll end up in a Tier that allows it to go ahead next month!
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Attention to detail
I signed up for Netflix at the weekend, for one reason and for one reason only: The Crown.
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Garage or Gym?
How’s lockdown going for you? I must admit I found it rather easier at the weekend, with the golden sunshine highlighting the beautiful reds, yellows and browns of the autumn leaves.
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