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Taking the next step in the Covid-19 world with 'Safe Saturdays'
We’re back up and running here, but well aware that the virus is still a risk, but we are taking the next step in the Covid-19 world.
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Essential information when looking for a timber garden building
With any purchase there’s a lot of research that needs to be done and sometimes it’s easier than others. Based on many years’ experience at Shields Buildings we go the extra mile to give our customers help and support during their journey, so a conversation with us could really save you lots of time. 
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Maintenance Guide
Summer is around the corner – well almost we hope – and it’s time to think about the maintenance of your timber garden building.
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Looking at roofing options
With something this important we thought it best to walk you through 'The Big 3' things that will make the difference to your roofing options.
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Is planning permission needed?
Much will depend on the location of the building within your property.
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Concrete bases for Timber Buildings
A concrete base is generally only necessary where the building is having a concrete floor, such as a garage, mower or machinery store.
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Step by step guide
We will come to you to do a site visit. At this stage we can assess your property and the location of your proposed garden building. We want to make sure that we provide you with a quote for a timber building that is suitable for the space available and meets all your requirements. This can sometimes be a challenge, but with careful measuring and planning we can usually come up with a solution, as you can see in the photo below!
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Planning permission questions & answers
Often a domestic outbuilding that is permitted within the boundary of a residential property is not permitted in a field. To erect the building in a field would require an application for change of land use, together with an application for the building itself.
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Helpful tips & advice: Winter maintenance guide
Look at the gutters. Are they blocked? They can be easily cleaned out, grab a ladder, put on a pair of rubber gloves and fish out the leaves – job done!
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How much garden space do you need for your garden studio?
So, you know what you want to use your outdoor studio or workshop for. You know that wood is by far the best material available for construction. You are already aware that modern timber buildings can be so well insulated that they're easy to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. You know that a manufacturer such as Shields Buildings can create a bespoke timber building just for you that meets your exact requirements. All well and good!
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