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In my head, there’s a moment each year when we finally, properly bid farewell to summer. Some might call it the line in the sand, but I call it the line in the ash, because it’s the instant when the chimney sweep turns up.

Like all responsible fireplace owners, we get our chimney swept every year – there’s nothing like a fire to warm the cockles when it’s blowing a gale outside or you’re experiencing rain of biblical proportions.

And guess what?  The sweep turned up the other day.  Summer is officially in the past, with winter to come.

The nights really are getting rather chilly now, and as the leaves fall, and the days get shorter, very soon we’re going to be full on winter mode.

And with the prospect of a winter unlike anything else any of us have experienced before, it’s time to start preparing for it.

We’re not in lockdown in Devon right now (touch wood), but what is clear is that we’re all going to need to get good at spending time at home again, since we’ll be doing a lot of it this winter!

Many of our customers have been thinking the same, with orders aplenty for workshops to tinker the winter away, and sheds to ensure that the bare minimum of tools and other shed type items make their way into safe storage.

And if you’ve been thinking about a workshop or a shed, now could be the ideal opportunity to devote some time to it, pick one, and start the ball rolling towards your very own indoor garden space. Give us a call today!

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