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Studio with veranda

We’re now headlong into 2022 – the festive season already feels like a lifetime ago, with a lot having happened since.

Enquiries for new buildings continue to stream in, which suggests people are making plans for the year ahead AND making them happen.

We did have a welcome break over the weekend though, hosting John’s daughter and her family. They’ve got a little baby so as you can imagine, we had a wonderful time doting on him.

Once you’re out of the baby/toddler phase, it’s very easy to forget just how much “stuff” they come with, but as I watched the multiple trips to the car to fetch bags, gadgets and all sorts of things dedicated to the care of this child, I was taken back to a time where we could barely walk through the house thanks to an abundance of baby gear.

For many of our customers, children become one of the main reasons to invest in a timber garden building – either to create a dedicated space for them, or provide a space for mum and dad, or the grandparents to escape to.

Whether your need for more space is kid-induced or not, we can definitely help – let’s have an initial conversation about how you can enjoy more space this year and beyond.

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