Visiting the RNLI & National Trust

Bright insulated summerhouse with carpet
Our buildings are used for many different purposes – 

The most usual being workshops, studios, an additional room or home office, but how about a life boat house or an ice cream kiosk?! On a recent visit to Dartmouth, John Shields was delighted to see two of his older buildings still being put to good use, the RNLI Dart Lifeboat Station at Dartmouth and an ice cream kiosk just along the estuary at the National Trust property of Greenway, Agatha Christie’s much loved holiday home which the Trust describe as ‘the loveliest place in the world’.

As you approach Greenway via the Quay (a super boat trip from Dartmouth harbour) visitors have the opportunity of buying an ice cream or snack from the very conveniently placed Shields Buildings kiosk.

The Lifeboat Station, kiosk and the storage shed next to it were erected nearly 10 years ago. What a delight to see them being so well used and the regular maintenance has obviously paid dividends as all the buildings are still looking as good as new!

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