The best of both

Summerhouse interior

I don’t want to state the obvious, but it really is rather hot. The temperature’s topped 29° in North Tawton the last two days, and it’s showing no signs of cooling down – it looks like it will be the weekend before there’s any respite from the hot sun.

Which, if you’re a sun worshipper, is good news.

For many of us though, up close to 30 is just a little too much, especially in the sun, which means that lots of people have been stuck between a rock and hard place this week – keen to get out and enjoy the weather, but mindful of just how oppressive the heat is.

There’s no one size fits all solution to this dilemma, although a hat, suncream and copious amounts of water and ice cream certainly help, but one of the things we’ve been doing is getting a lot of use out of our summerhouse.

Summerhouses provide the perfect outdoor space for you to enjoy the weather, whilst either sheltering from the heat of the day, or hiding from a passing shower. They’re perfect for ridiculously hot weeks like this one, but equally useful towards the end of the summer when things cool down a touch in the evenings, and you still want to feel outside without having to wrap up like an eskimo.

Whether it’s a space for the grandkids, the destination for evening dinners or a place to sit and read the paper with a glass of wine, a summerhouse transforms your garden space into an area with myriad possibilities.

If you’ve been thinking about a summerhouse (or any garden building), get in touch and let’s talk it through.

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