Twin painted garden offices

Ten years on

Back when Barack Obama won the US Presidential Elections, the large Hadron Collider first fired up and Lehman Brothers filed for liquidation, Stewart and Chris came to Shields Buildings for a his and hers office. 

It was 2008, and both wanted to work from home in their lovely garden location, but rather than sharing one large office they wanted their own individual spaces - something about one of them being too untidy, discretion prevents us from sharing details on who!

In fact, separating the building into two offices did a natty little trick of overcoming building regulations issues which would have come into play if the building was a single room of over 30sqm.

Whilst the more technically minded will appreciate the beauty of the twin 4m x 3.8m apex roof insulated buildings that we designed and are pictured below, the rest of us will fall in love with the pretty ‘jungle green’ coating that eases the observers’ eye in to the garden setting as a whole. The aesthetics are helped further with natural-look roof tiles made from cedar shingles and a canopy over the front of the building, a great addition to help offer more protection against the weather.

So, ten years on we were delighted to hear from Stewart again as he wants a garage and the past decade has shown just how durable timber garden buildings from Shields Buildings are. As they shared details of how they have fared, we took the opportunity to see how he and Chris have settled in to their offices and give you an insight into what is possible for your very own living space:

‘We just love it here in our offices’ said Chris. ‘We have peace and quiet and being out of the house means we really can focus on what we need to do; we just seem to get so much more done. It’s great having Stewart next door, but having our own space means we can get on without interrupting each other. We love our offices, they are warm and dry and give us the perfect environment, whilst also being able to enjoy the garden.’

Seeing the buildings looking so good after 10 years is an added bonus for us at Shields Buildings, as we love to take a moment to appreciate the build quality and delight in seeing our customers working so happily in them.

Customer working in garden officeCustomer working in garden office

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