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For lots of businesses, August is a quiet month.
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Practice what we preach
As you’d expect, at Shields Buildings we need an office. 
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I've been looking on the internet...
As you know, at Shields Buildings, we do things a little differently to a lot of the other companies out there.
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Real slate or not?
We’ve been super busy with installs recently, but there was one from last week that I thought might be quite interesting to share with you.
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Adding value
Today, I just wanted to share something that we’ve known for a while, but probably haven’t ever really communicated – the impact that a garden building has on the value of your home.
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Studio for Sale - Special Offer - SOLD
If you’re reading this post, the chances are you’re interested in one of our garden buildings, and if that’s the case, then there’s every chance that this is your lucky day.
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Craft4Crafters Show
We are super excited to be attending the Craft4Crafters Show at the Bath & West Showground for the first time this year from Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 April 2019.
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Studio video
I’ve got to be honest, I’m not the best film-maker in the world. I’ve got no ambitions to submit anything to Cannes, or to tread the red carpet on the way to collect an Oscar.
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Workshops - The Man Cave video
This video shows the insulated workshop we have recently designed and installed here at the display site, we call it the Man Cave.  I know, sorry ladies, we could have called it the She Shed – but I have exciting plans for one of those in the future!  In fact, there is of course absolutely no reason why it can’t be used by anyone for anything.
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One-off Carport for sale - SOLD
You might have seen our new ‘Oak Fronted’ carport, which looks very special. John built this one for the display site and it looks fantastic.
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