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Artist studio
“Without atmosphere a painting is nothing” -  Rembrandt
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Working from home without working at home
Working from home has a wide variety of benefits. According to a white paper produced by Microsoft in 2011, the top benefits listed in a survey of over 4000 office workers in various different roles are as follows:
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How much space is required for an outdoor workshop
So, you know what you want to use your outdoor studio or workshop for. You know that wood is by far the best material available for construction. You are already aware that modern timber buildings can be so well insulated that they're easy to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. You know that a manufacturer such as Shields Buildings can create a bespoke timber building just for you that meets your exact requirements. All well and good!
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The Benefits of Building With Timber
Timber (or lumber, as our friends across the pond call it) has been used to make buildings of various shapes and sizes for most of mankind's history. Using timber for buildings and framework is a practice that dates back to Neolithic times, approximately 10,000 BC. There are still some surviving timber structures found in Europe which are many centuries old. Not surprising when you consider that one of the best things about timber is how long it lasts. Providing it is properly preserved, a timber building will easily outlast the people who built it!
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Breathing New Life into Your Hobby
We've all got something that we love to do or would love to be doing 'if only we had more time'. Having more time, of course, is one of the joys of retirement - the one thing that people look forward to more than anything else - time you can call your own. So what hobby or activity brings a smile to your face and makes your time a pleasure?
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