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With half-term out of the way and time marching on towards the festive season, there’s little doubt that there’s a renewed chill in the air. And, without wanting to be a harbinger of doom, it’s best you get used to that chill, as the cold weather will last long into the early part of next year.

That’s the bit of winter that’s hard – the run-up to Christmas is full of fun and frolics, with Bonfire Night and Halloween making way for Christmas parties and warm nights with mulled wine.

But then you come into January, and things change. There are no big festivities on the horizon, and the next bank holiday is literally months away.

The only thing for it is to stick your chin up, grin and bear it and make your way through. Which is a lot easier if you’re not absolutely freezing all of the time!

And that’s exactly why when we built our new office a couple of years back, we made sure that it was fully insulated. Without insulation, those dark winter months would be even harder, and the office would be uninhabitable.

So, if you’re thinking about an office, a workshop or a studio, then here’s my advice:

Insulation is non-negotiable, unless you want your building to be pointless for half the year.

We use super thick foil-backed Celotex insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling along with a breathable, damp-proof membrane for extra protection, while the double glazed windows and doors have advanced coating which reflects radiated heat back into the room.

To check out a video of our office and get a few ideas, and when you’re ready to have a chat about making your winter slightly more bearable, just give us a call on 01837 82442.

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When does a timber building need planning permission? Many buildings will not need permission, but you are always advised to check first.
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