Open sided carport

Open Sided Carport - Offer

If it’s raining hard and I’m getting in or out of my car, chances are I’ll end up soaked. I’d hazard a guess that you experience the same phenomenon.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that the changing seasons and unpredictable weather patterns are part and parcel with living in the UK. And usually I love it.

But not in that moment when I’m standing at the car, rushing to try and get everything inside (myself included), with cold, wet bullets of rain smacking me in the face.

I really, really don’t like it when this happens.

And for a while I wondered if anyone else went through the same thing or whether I’d missed out on a valuable life lesson at some point and simply lacked the knowledge that would help me deal with the car-rain-face phenomenon.

But when Robert told us he was suffering from the exact same problem in September last year, I realised I wasn’t alone. He had had enough but, unlike the rest of us, he’d decided to do something about it. And that something turned out to be an Open sided carport.

Now, you might ask why Robert wasn’t interested in a full-blown garage or standard Carport. The answer’s simple. Robert lives in a gorgeous place, surrounded by a big garden and open paddocks to boot, and a standard garage would have obstructed the view.

Not one to shy away from a new project, John called in the team and they put their heads together to come up with an impressive solution.

Open sided carports are fairly different from our usual products. At the risk of sounding a little simplistic, the main difference is that they don’t have walls.

That means that the roof needs support from different areas and the whole thing is engineered in a very different way as a result. So we used solid braced Douglas fir timber posts mounted on concrete plinths with gable ends made from tanalised redwood cladding.

As you’ll see, the finished product turned out beautifully.

Robert’s very pleased with it too. So much so that we asked ourselves why on earth we haven’t included Open sided carports in our offering before. Who knows what the answer to that question is, but we’ve certainly added it to our range of bespoke timber buildings now!

And to celebrate this new addition to the Shields repertoire, I’m going to make you an offer. But more on that in a moment.

So here’s introducing the new – and really rather lovely – Open Sided Carport from Shields Buildings.

Open sided Carport

As normal, you can expect the same high standards as all the Shields Buildings products. We’re currently offering a selection of sizes:

When it comes to the roof, you can choose between:

Now you know the specs, here’s that offer:

Get in touch about a new carport by Friday 28 February and I’ll upgrade your standard plastic guttering to galvanised steel when you place your order, free of charge.

That’s a great saving of around £500 on a double open sided carport, so not only will you be saving money on the cost of a full garage and correcting rain rage at the same time, but you’ll be getting an extremely attractive product that’ll last even longer and look the part.


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