Open Saturday

Since the schools closed in March neither of my daughters has set foot inside theirs.

That all changes next week, which both of them are massively looking forward to, not to mention me and John!

However, ‘back to school’ has been a little more complicated than I had anticipated.

All Monday, Ellie, my eldest, was complaining of a painful tummy. She put on a brave face, but by bedtime she was obviously pretty ill, so we called 111, and then took her into A&E.

Suspected appendicitis.

After a night with no sleep, the diagnosis was confirmed, and she is now appendix-less and back home in her own bed, after being wonderfully looked after by the amazing NHS.

Not exactly the most ideal preparation, but then again 2020 hasn’t exactly been the most ideal year!

I’ve loved having the girls at home, but I’m so pleased for them to go back, and it will give me an opportunity to start crossing items off a very large to-do list!

And if you’ve got that ‘Back to school’ feeling and you’re ready to get on with things, like sorting out your timber garden building, then we’re more than ready for you.

This Saturday sees our first Open Saturday of the Autumn, and we’re going to be running two a month rather than one to make it easier for you to come on in, safe in the knowledge that you’ll have plenty of time and space to look around.

If you’re planning on coming this Saturday, just let me know.

And if you’ve got kids going back to school this week or next, all the best!!

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