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Meet Paul

There’s no one thing that makes our buildings great. Instead, it’s a combination of expert craftsmanship, high quality materials and hard-won experience.

And the same is true with our team. 

John founded the business way back in 1991, and over the years, our expert team has continued to grow.

And back in 2015, a key member of staff joined us – Paul G.

This week, it’s his turn in the spotlight – scroll down to read our Q&A with Sales Manager Paul:

When did you join Shields Buildings?

I joined Shields Buildings in October 2015.

What has been your progression in the company?

When I joined it was as a workshop assistant, learning the ropes on how to construct timber framed buildings. I would go on site from time to time when another pair of hands was needed. I loved making the buildings, but when the opportunity came up to work with the site team, I jumped at it to gain added experience in this part of the business.

Then 18 months ago there was the opportunity for me to move into an operational role in the office.

My experience both in the workshop and on site has been invaluable in my current role of Sales Manager. I love speaking to customers and developing their ideas in to quotes and drawings for their buildings and I have really enjoyed getting to grips with my new role.

What have you found the most challenging?

Like John said, it has to be the weather. We schedule the jobs, but if the weather really is against us it’s a juggling act.

What do you enjoy the most?

Learning new things, such as the CAD drawing package has been very rewarding, but the best thing is my communication with the customers and their delight with their finished building.

What has been your greatest achievement?

I have really thrived on the challenge and grown into my role. I enjoy the responsibility of being Sales Manager, dealing with customers and being able to help John develop the business.

So that's Paul, if you have any questions for him just send them over!

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