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May Hailstones

After what seems like a very long time, next Monday is a landmark day – the most significant easing of lockdown so far. And thanks to a month of freezing cold socialising outside, I can hardly wait to get indoors again!

Seriously, May has not been a month to write home about weather-wise so far, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon - I have to fast forward to next Friday for the next day when rain isn’t forecast in North Tawton, so I’m very grateful for the permission to head indoors!

That’s the thing with living in Britain – you’ve always got to have one eye on the weather; if it isn’t April Showers, it’s May Hailstones, Soggy June, or Overcast July, every social event foreshadowed by endless refreshing of the BBC Weather app.

And as we’ve found recently, there’s one weather type that afflicts our seaside customers more than most – the turbulent ocean air.

Understanding how the elements are going to impact your garage or timber garden building can help you mitigate or eliminate the risks – whether that’s a retractable door on your garage, rather than heavy things that can be slammed shut, or cabin hooks to keep the door open while guarding against the gusts.

Whether you live in a windy part of the world or not, one thing’s for sure, the Great British weather’s likely to stay as unpredictable as ever over the coming years, so having an outdoor space that keeps you safe, warm and dry is a smart move – to get started on your garden building, just give us a call now!

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