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Making it happen

It’s actually happening: we’re going to America!

After nearly two years of botched attempts to get out and meet John’s Grandson for the first time, the borders are finally open again, so we’re jetting off soon.

And it feels really good to have that date in the diary – it’s something we’ve been wanting to do for ages, and when we saw the news about the borders opening, we took action, booked flights and made it happen.

The pandemic’s definitely brought this action-taking side of us out – we’re seizing the day more than ever before.

And I don’t think we’re alone – so many of us have been reminded that life is for living, and we should seize hold of the opportunities presented to us.

Want to go on holiday?  Make it happen.

Feel like you want to do more things as a family?  Do it.

The list goes on, and whatever it is you want to do, I hope this little note gives you the encouragement you need to go ahead and make it happen.

And of course, this also applies to timber garden buildings – if you want one, why delay anymore? Why not make it happen now? Call us to discuss your ideas and let's make them a reality!

Planning permission
When does a timber building need planning permission? Many buildings will not need permission, but you are always advised to check first.
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