Looking at roofing options

Our summerhouses have great details


With something this important we thought it best to walk you through ‘The Big 3’ things that will make the difference to your roofing options.

Let’s go straight in at the number one thing to consider:


You may have a technical issue to overcome that means the pitch is pre-determined, but if you have total choice then generally the steeper the pitch the more aesthetically pleasing or ‘easy on the eye’ your building will be. We’ve been building timber buildings for a couple of decades and in our experiece you’ll want to avoid a completely flat roof, they are a nightmare in the medium to long term. Anything from 5 degrees, which is a very gentle slope, to a 30 degree slope is advisable. Our timber garden sheds and workshops have a lower pitch, as do our outdoor office buildings whereas our timber studios and car parking shelters have a 30 degree ptich.


You may well have guessed this one since it’s an often debated subject when choosing your building. With a low profile (pitch) building there’s only one way to go; plastisol steel all the way. Sometimes referred to as “Wriggly Tin”, you may be surprised to learn that this more modern specialist version has a lifespan of over 40 years, there are two different designs to choose from and a selection of colours.

A roof steeper in pitch than 20 degrees can be finished in natural materials. Cedar shingle is a favourite with its deep dark brown colour that turns to silver over time, giving you a focal point that changes and holds your gaze for years to come. Perhaps you prefer slate? With slate, we have two options of either Brazilian slate which is grey/green rustic roofing or Spanish slate, a darker granite colour that has a smoother sleeker finish. Which would work best for your garden building?

Then, the third consideration….


Natural light with well positioned windows or roof lights?A thoughtfully positioned roof light or ambient lighting will make your building even more inviting.The same building can feel very different with the right positioning of natural and man-made light.

Whether you are choosing a roof material to match in with your house, or a natural roofing to blend with your garden, Shields Buildings will be able to advise you on the best options.









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