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2 door studio

His and hers hobby rooms

One thing that 18 months of working from home has done is exposed just what it’s like to work up close and personal with your partner. I’ve heard some pretty hilarious stories over the last year, from wives putting earplugs in to drown out the sound of their husbands on the phone, through to spouses being banned from the room during conference calls.

And all jokes aside, space while you’re working is something well worth considering, especially when you’re investing in a garden building.

 Once again, it’s something we think very carefully about here at Shields Buildings – there are no ‘one size fits all’ offices here - what works for one household might not work for another. A recent example is the hobby room we created for Mr and Mrs E.

Mrs E is into textiles, Mr E makes artwork.  And both of them need their own space to work effectively.

When they came to us, they were looking for help to divide the space they had to enable them to work best, which is why we designed one building with two entrances – giving them both a dedicated space to work.

Mrs E needs the bulk of the floor area, so she has a lovely, spacious room with engineered oak flooring and a sliding patio door, with a full height window and casement window.

Mr E doesn’t need quite so much room, so his studio is smaller, but with a high-level window and a rooflight, it’s beautifully light and airy, and perfectly suited to his needs.

If you’re looking for a timber garden building, and you need it to be dual-purpose, chances are you won’t find what you’re looking for just browsing online. But, get in touch with us, and whatever your needs, we’ll put something together that will fit the brief and do the job you need it to do.

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